What We Do

Media Platforms

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know how difficult it can be to get visibility with good control how it should be presented.

Understanding that each client's business and commercial objectives are different, we will customize media solutions and platforms to forge cost-effective connections with their targeted audiences and customers.

From broadcast, print to digital media, we continuously explore new media platforms and initiatives to enhance the marketing campaign and investors outreach efforts of our customers.

Media Production

From conception to inception, we develop innovative media concepts to reflect your product/services individuality and to bring unique attitude into your marketing and branding campaign aligned with your business goals.

Great ideas are created every day worldwide. Entrepreneurs shape a brighter future and therefore we want to give them the media tools to take off.

As media specialists, our job is to guide and support our customers to develop the media assets to enable a rapid response to their marketing and branding needs.

Public Relations

Public relations for small business and brand owners are powerful because it helps you get more exposure and it places you in front of your target audience.

People trust established brands and businesses that actively engage in integrated PR campaigns are more likely to capture the attention of customers and prospects, and achieve the kind of business results that create long-term success.

From generating media awareness to lead generation and building credibility, there are plenty of reasons the "why do PR" question needs to be asked and answered by companies at every stage of growth.

At FE Asia, we have the experience, resources and media connections to help take your early-or mid-stage company to the next level